The Dashboard is one central location where the User will find information integrated from the various modules in the HRMS. Ita€?s the Self-Service engagement tool that distributes appropriate HR responsibilities to managers and employees, empowering them to control their own HR tasks.
By enabling managers and employees to carry out simple and routine HR and payroll tasks, you can capture more accurate data faster.
Streamline your processes and eliminate paperwork. Managers can approve/deny with just one click. Requests and approvals can be accessed directly from the Dashboard.Omega Replica

Leverage the self-service Dashboard to Empower your employees to manage their own routine HR tasks

  • Time spent on activities by individuals can be analyzed over a period of time and categorized into broad types to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity
  • View Project News and Recent Activity
  • View Company- or Team-wide Calendar
  • View all Approvals and Rejections
  • Log time into Timesheets
  • View pending Leave requests
  • Schedule reminders for meetings, deadlines, and more.
  • Improve workflow with automatic email alerts
  • User friendly GUI.
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