Tracking employee attendance shouldn’t eat up anyone’s time. With Empower 360+ Timesheet Management Module, take back your valuable hours and get time tracking under control; increase efficiency and productivity with accurate attendance tracking in a flexible paperless process.

Empower 360+ will improve your company’s timesheet management with an automated workflow that will bring efficiency to tracking employee time.”

    Time spent on activities by individuals can be analyzed over a period of time and categorized into broad types to increase effectiveness, efficiency or productivity.
  • Efficient time keeping, maximum management control and minimal costs
  • Enables Employees to complete & submit their timesheets online
  • Creates detailed breakdown of tasks completed by the employee.
  • Facilitates Costing, job estimation, tracking, client billing and payroll.
  • Timesheets are automatically circulated through the pronounced approval route before being sent to HR and/or payroll.
  • Proactively reminds employees and managers of the actions due, ensuring timesheets are completed on time.
  • Managers can review and update multiple timesheets in just a single interface.
  • Enables an employer to have full control of employee’s bestintimes.me working hours, providing insights into their productivity and performance through its approving function.
  • Maintain a comprehensive grasp of employees’/teams’ working hours, employees' in-time, out-time and total number of hours worked)
  • Quickly access the tasks done by an employee and the total hours spent by them for the job on a weekly basis
  • Make it easy to plan, manage, administer, and report on your employees’ time.
  • Approving officers can review the tasks and working hours from the employee timesheets and subsequently approve or reject them.
  • Matching your business needs to leverage timesheet and manage project work hours and budgets.
  • Flexible time entries and approval and record keeping process.
  • User friendly GUI.
  • Project based timesheet management.



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